Concepts and prototypes

Paper boxes

Paper pulp boxes

Jewelry boxes made from paper pulp daisies and clover.

Poplar seat

Poplar seat

Poplar trees and poplar plywood.

Side view of the bioplastic casket

Bioplastic casket for pets

Biodegradable caskets for garden burial.

mussel tile

Mussel shell tiles

Tiles with crushed mussel shells from the seafood industry.

Starch flowers

Instant starch flowers

Microwaved starch bioplastic shapes.

Gourd packaging

Gourd packaging

This was a concept for growing cosmetics packaging.

Cabbage chair

Cabbage chairs

This project involves the manipulation of walking stick cabbage plants.

Jelly pen

Jelly pens

This is a concept for biodegradable pens made from biobased materials.

Pinecone chair

Pinecone chairs

This is a "Tree-free" alternative for the extensive use of wood in furniture.

Range extender

Range extender

This is a concept for a range extention solution for Electric Vehicles.